The Newark Division of Police is pleased to provide you an online method to report an abandoned vehicle that is located within the Newark City limits.

A vehicle may be reported as “abandoned” if it meets one of the following criteria from Newark Codified Ordinance 452.05 (Willfully Leaving Vehicles on UNPOSTED Private Property):

Section a4 Hour Violation Parking on Residential (3 Separate Households or less) or Agricultural property)
Section bLonger than Agreed Upon with Garage Owner
Section eViolation of 48 Hours Parked on All Other Nonresidential or Nonagricultural Property (Streets/Highways, and all other private property), or 72 Hours Abandon Junk Motor Vehicle on Private Property (Vehicle less than $50.00)

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Vehicle Location: Provide the location where the vehicle s parked. Include the street address, apartment number, building name or any other information that will describe where we may locate the vehicle.